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Tools for Marine GIS


Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET) is a free, open-source geoprocessing toolbox that can help you solve a wide variety of marine research, conservation, and spatial planning problems. MGET can perform tasks such as: Downloading and converting oceanographic data into GIS …

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Jesse Cleary

UNC Buoy deployment

Research Analyst Jesse has a background in Geography and Remote Sensing and interests in spatial ecology, ecoinformatics, open-source GIS, and marine spatial planning.  Jesse works on a range of informatics, cartography, and applied marine GIS projects across the lab.  He …

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Ei Fujioka

Research Associate Ei Fujioka is a lead developer of marine biogeographic information centers including OBIS-SEAMAP and OBIS. A328 LSRC Building Research Drive Duke University Durham NC 27708

Ecological Modeling for Camp LeJune

Online application to share and use ecological models and spatial data for Marine Corps Base Camp LeJune Funded by Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) In collaboration with RTI, USMC Project description here  

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