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Mapping Cetacean Habitat

We integrated aerial and shipboard cetacean surveys conducted by five scientific organizations over 23 years and linked them to environmental data relating to cetacean habitat…

Accounts and Passwords for MGEL Computational Resources


The lab hosts computing resources for lab partners, including computational servers, a code repository and accounts for managing submitted data. If you need to reset your password for an existing account, and you know the associated email and login, you …

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Tools for Marine GIS


Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET) is a free, open-source geoprocessing toolbox that can help you solve a wide variety of marine research, conservation, and spatial planning problems. MGET can perform tasks such as: Downloading and converting oceanographic data into GIS …

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Academic Program

Dr. Patrick N. Halpin is the Director of the Geospatial Analysis Program at the Nicholas School of the Environment.   This program offers several courses in geospatial analysis, including a full certificate program for students pursuing one of the professional …

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