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Tools for Marine GIS


Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET) is a free, open-source geoprocessing toolbox that can help you solve a wide variety of marine research, conservation, and spatial planning problems. MGET can perform tasks such as: Downloading and converting oceanographic data into GIS …

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NOAA Cetacean Density and Distribution Mapping Working Group

As part of the NOAA Cetacean Density and Distribution Mapping Working Group, MGEL is developing a cetacean data gap analysis to spatially and temporally determine where data needed to build distribution models are lacking.  This analysis will be used to …

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Jesse Cleary

UNC Buoy deployment

Research Analyst Jesse has a background in Geography and Remote Sensing and interests in spatial ecology, ecoinformatics, open-source GIS, and marine spatial planning.  Jesse works on a range of informatics, cartography, and applied marine GIS projects across the lab.  He …

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Ei Fujioka

Research Associate Ei Fujioka is a lead developer of marine biogeographic information centers including OBIS-SEAMAP and OBIS. A328 LSRC Building Research Drive Duke University Durham NC 27708

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